Custom synthesis

If you require organic compounds that are commercially unavailable, we can synthesize them for you, regardless of scale. To this end, we provide custom chemical and chemical synthesis APIs.

We can provide you with goods in a range from just a few milligrams (for example, in the case of pollution patterns for cGMP processes), to the many kilograms required for testing. We provide short-term supplies of the compounds you order, together with repeated procedures and results from structural analysis and product purity testing. The team’s experience and capabilities cover most of the reactions and processes used in modern organic synthesis. We maintain extensive and constantly-upgraded equipment and an analytical facility for specialized chemical synthesis (ULC/MS/MS with dedicated TLC, preparative HPLC, Gilson automatic flash chromatograph, GC/MS, IR spectrometers, UV-Vis, as well as access to NMR spectrometry). We work closely with the Faculty of Chemistry at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, Poland, performing a number of specialized physicochemical analyses within the Instrumental Analysis Laboratory.

Contact Synthex Technologies and find out more about the details of our custom chemical, organic and API synthesis services, as well as the other services we provide in the field of synthesis and custom chemistry.

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